St. Clair High Student Council's mission is to …

    1. Create a positive environment at St. Clair High School that encourages student well being and enhances their opportunities to grow and learn

    2. Foster and create unity within the student body

    3. Promote student involvement both within the school and in the local community

    4. Facilitate effective two way communication between administration and students, between staff and students, and between students

    5. Promote the development of student leadership skills

SCHS StuCo Applicaitons


DUE on June 01, 2022

by 11:59 PM

End of Year 2022

End of the Year Slideshow 2022

St. Clair High Student Council

End of Year Video 2022

Created by Mikey Brown, Emma Jablinskey Madison Rzeppa

Coordinated by Maddie Kurtz's Team


SIGN UP FORM for Battle of the Crown 2022

An SCHS tradition that has raised over $250,000 for local charities!