Leadership Team 2019-2020

posted May 17, 2019, 12:34 PM by Mark Eberhard
Image result for Leadership TeamThank you to the 34 students that applied for our 17 leadership team positions!  The interview committee has spent significant time discussing and comparing the merits of each candidate.  Fortunately and unfortunately we have too many qualified candidates, so making a distinction between candidates is proving to be quite difficult. 

There is unfortunately going to be a delay in posting the Leadership Team.  I am going to be unavailable for the rest of Friday evening and there are still a couple final decisions that need to be completed.  Thus I don't see the list being posted until at least Saturday - my apologies - we realize people are anxious to know the outcome of the interview process.  We would rather take a little extra time to get it right versus doing it too quickly.  

I will send out a remind message and post on Facebook when it is finally posted!