Homecoming Parade Registration 2019

PLEASE Register by Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Time Schedule

5:15-5:30 - ALL high school teams and organizations report to your designated area.
5:30-5:45 - ALL community groups and organizations report to your designated area.
6:00 PM - Parade Kicks Off!


The Parade will begin from 9th & Vine - it will head north on 9th Street - east on Vine Street - South on M-29 past the Riverview Plaza Mall - west on Jay Street - north on 3rd Street - end in the rear parking lot of Riverview Plaza

Parade Order & Downloads

A tentative Parade Line Up / Order is will be posted in late September.  Scroll to the bottom of this page and you may view or download the PDF document.  You may also download the information on this page in a PDF format so you can send it home with your students if you wish.  (DOWNLOADS AT BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE!)

Student Drop Off

All students are to be dropped off in the front loop of Eddy Elementary.  All vehicles MUST enter from 9th & Vine and head SOUTH on 9th Street.  Vehicles will only be permitted to enter the drive in a one-way traffic flow.  All vehicles must turn right when they exit and again head south on 9th Street. There will be NO PARKING available at Eddy Elementary.  All participants will be met in the loop by their adult sponsors and/or members of Student Council and directed to the appropriate location. There is NO room for parents to park and wait, when you enter the loop you must drop and go as quickly as possible

Participant Parking

Any participant that needs to park a vehicle MUST park outside the parade zone.  There will be NO PARKING available at Eddy Elementary, in the Eddy overflow lot, or in the parking lots of the old SCMS/Riverview East.  Parking will NOT be allowed in the parade zone which includes 9th Street, 8th Street, Orchard Street, or Thornapple. 

All parking will be in parking lots or side streets outside of the parade zone. 

Parade Line Up Directions (Where do I line up?)

ALL Motorized Vehicles - If a group chooses to use a motorized vehicle, the group is responsible for providing their own vehicle.  Each group is encourage to decorate their vehicle!  Students safety must be a priority and students riding on the vehicle need to be secure.  Please do not place more students in or on a vehicle than is safe to handle.  

School Teams & Groups - will report to the playground BEHIND Eddy Elementary.  There will be lawn sign with the name of your group to designate where your group needs to specifically gather prior to the parade.   There will be NO ONSITE PARKING available for students or parents!

SCHS Marching Band - will line up in the side (north) parking lot of Eddy Elementary.   Band members must be dropped off in the front loop of Eddy Elementary or park outside the parade zone and walk to their location. Those parents that are participating as SCHS Band Boosters in the parade will meet in the same location as the band students.  The tractor/trailer for the band boosters will be held in a different location (see above), the band parents will be directed to their tractor/trailer at the appropriate time by a SCHS staff member. There will be NO ONSITE PARKING available for students or parents!

Homecoming Court, Exchange Students, Grand Marshall, Mayor of St. Clair - will be dropped off in the front loop of Eddy Elementary and meet in front of Eddy Elementary- members of student council will meet you and direct you to your assigned car. There will be NO ONSITE PARKING available.

Community Groups & Organizations - will be dropped of in the front loop of Eddy Elementary; they will then walk across the street to the Eddy overflow/staff parking lot - members of student council will serve as crossing guards to make sure students can safely cross 9th Street.   Each community group will have a designated area to gather prior to the parade.  A signal will be given from St. Clair High staff when the time arrives to join the parade line up.   There will be NO ONSITE PARKING available.

If your group involves younger children, please plan to have at least one adult stationed at the drop off location (the front loop of Eddy Elementary) to meet and gather your kids.  There is NO space for parents to park and wait, they will need to drop and go as quick as possible.  Please plan to have a second adult at your designated line-up location to stay with students once they are escorted from the drop off site. 

Handing Out Candy, Toys, Etc. 

ALL parade participants are asked to help distribute either spirit items or individually packaged candy to parade viewers as they make their way along the parade route.  We are asking and encouraging each team, group, and organization to purchase your own items to hand out for the parade.   What ever items you chose to distribute, these items must be literally handed out - kids will be given bags along the parade route in which to place their items - there can be NO throwing or tossing of items into the crowd.  It is suggested to select a handful of students from your group to walk along the outside of your group and facilitate the handing out of items to children or adults in the crowd.  We do NOT suggest having everyone in the group handing items out. 

Please direct all questions to Mark Eberhard at 676-1789 or meberhard@ecsd.us